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Posted By: Erin White
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Anthony is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial glass refrigerator and freezer doors, lighting systems, and display equipment. Their innovations in the glass door industry have set the bar when it comes to refrigeration glass doors.  Today, we will focus on two of their latest designs.

The Vista B Cooler Doors are the definitive door on the market today when it comes to product visibilty.  Creating an image of “no barrier” between the customer and the product, this door is great for the C-store!  The Vista B Door is available in a single or double-door sets.  A few features include:

  • Thin profile “all-glass” doors with exclusive Vista handle
  • ELS Lighting standard
  • Optional OptiMax Pro LED
  • Optional StarFire LED
  • Standard Flat wire shelving (optional Gravity-Feed)
  • Optional double-wide shelving (no center mullions)

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The Infinity 090 Door is just what its name entales.  The infinity’s slim border edge of the door is just 0.90″.  This slim and sleek border makes this door a contemporary all-glass look.  This door is available for many applications.  Features of this door include heated and non-heated options and two different color options (black, grey, OR custom).  French-door style swing without mullions is an added option as well.  Two other options include Optimax Pro LED lighting and double wide shelving with no center posts.

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Both of the doors mentioned are great choices when it comes to outfitting your walk-in cooler.  Anthony makes a great product and, with the new innovations, their doors can make your product look that much better to the customer.

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