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Grab and Go food cases

Posted By: Erin White
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Grab and go cases are key to merchandise sales.  People no longer just come to gas stations to fill up with gas.  In-store food sales were roughly 16.9% of $195 billion in 2011.  That number has increase every year.  We are no longer seeing gas stations being a place for gas.  People are viewing them as food stores that happen to sell gas too.  From pizza, hot dogs, and breakfast sandwiches to banana bread, yogurt/granola, and artisan cheeses, c-stores are stepping up the game when it comes to the food they offer their customers.  According to the NACS report from the 2012 Summit, food service accounted for 15.8% of c-store sales in 2012. Prepared food brought in $16,308 per store/per month in 2012.  One study showed that out of 100 c-store shoppers, 61 are buying a beverage, of that 61, 16 are also buying a snack, of that 16, only eight are buying prepared food/commissary. This equals 24,696 food service occasions missed per store.  Their are major missed opportunities for c-store owners who do no offer grab and go food.  There is also major missed sales for stores that only offer breakfast items.  Consumers want something other than snack foods at their local c-stores.

Equipment manufacturers, like Hill Phoenix, have a great line of specialty and self service cases.  Cases like the HSO General are mobile and can be moved around the store wherever you need.

HP grab and go 3

Right now, you may only be offering donuts and coffee, but by adding one small prepared foods case to your store, you can increase your in-store food sales dramatically.  Most grab and go cases are small and can roll into place.  If you are looking to get into more in-store food service, now is the time.  It will only help your store and make you more money.

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