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Install a Beer Cave…NOW!!!

Posted By: Erin White
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The latest report from the NACS show, which was held on April 10-11, is that Packaged Beverages had a 20% sales increase over 36 months, and saw a 19% growth in margin.  C-store beer sales in 2012 were $15.9 billion, and accounted for 58% of cross channel beer dollar sales and 69% of beer unit sales. Premium, and particularly premium light beers, are dominating the c-store channel.  Are you missing out?Beer Caves

We saw a decrease in beer sales in 2008 and 2009, but slowly over the past 4 years, beer sales are climbing and are close to an all time high.  The reason for this is consumers are wanting and purchasing higher priced beer.  Products like Blue Moon, Michelob Ultra, Shiner and Dos Equis are top sellers.  Consumers tastes are changing and they are trying out more craft and microbrew beers.


Beer caves are a great way to manage all the extra inventory you need to cater to the wants and needs of your customers.  You are able to offer a larger selection of products by utilizing gondola shelving within your beer cave.


By now, you are probably getting tired of hearing the word Beer Cave.  People blog about it all the time and marketer and equipment sellers are persistently asking you why and when.  There is a good reason for the sense of urgency.  If you do not have a beer cave in your store, especially if you are in a tourist area (lakes and national parks) and border towns, then you are missing huge sales opportunities.


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