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Madix Maxi Line Gondola Shelving

Posted By: Erin White

With Madix Maxi Line gondola shelving, the skies the limit when it comes to choices.   When it comes to setting yourself apart from your competitors, how you merchandise is essential.  It is also the most difficult challenge retailers face.  Every single inch of your floor plan is important and utilizing that space efficiently and effectively is critical.  With Madix’s Maxi Line of gondola shelving, merchandising just got a little easier for you.  With Maxi Line, you can utilize every single inch of space, and make it look pleasing to the eye.  They offer thousands of different products and accessories to fit your wants, needs, and budget.

When space is limited, the Y-Gondola can help create a space that becomes a perfect focal point for your customer.  Not only does it have an eye catching design, but it also allows you to attract product attention by highlighting merchandise by categorie and department.

Gondola Shelving


Madix’s Maxi Line refers to their accessories and shelving as “practicality with flare”.  Of course, they offer your standard shelving.  However, they also offer something for the consumer that is looking for something a little different to set them apart.  When it comes to edges, you can go with a flush front, bull nose, thin profile, round, or standard.  Madix was the first to create curved gondola shelving.   Madix’s patented Concave/Radius Shelving pairs Radius Shelves with Concave Shelves to create eye catching merchandise.

madix curved 1madix curved 2

With many different color options, accessories, and configurations to choose from, Madix’s Maxi Line gondola shelving is your key to making your c-store different from all the rest.  The Maxi Line is easy to assemble and is made of top quality materials.  If you are in the market for a new way to merchandise, but cannot seem to come up with a good plan, Madix has a history of helping retailers solve their merchandising challenges.


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