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New Anthony Sliding Glass Doors

Posted By: Erin White

Hill Phoenix and Anthony now offer a sliding glass door that will fit on a wide range of single deck cases (think:  Grab-and-go ice cream cases).  This is a unique door that looks great while saving you money.  You can retrofit an existing open air case, or you can have the new door placed on a new order as a special option add-on.  Door frames can be done in grey or black, which match most door moldings.

Features and Benefits of the Anthony sliding glass doors (as found in the Hill Phoenix Case Division Product Bulletin: CPB1303)

• Increased energy efficiency providing reduced total cost of ownership.

• Lower product temperatures provide improved product integrity and reduced product shrink. Testing showed a 4°F reduction in the maximum product temperature when sliding doors were used.

• Warmer aisles from a reduction in the loss of cold air from the case. Customers are more likely to linger and browse an aisle resulting in more impulse purchases.

• A sleek look and attractive contemporary feel provides a visual showpiece that draws shoppers toward the case.

• All doors slide in the vertical direction limiting the customer interference that exists with horizontal sliding doors.

• All Anthony door glass contains a low emissivity coating to reflect infrared light reducing the heat energy on the case.

• Improved appearance of ends when doors are supplied directly by Hill Phoenix. Doors provided for retrofit applications require an additional end that sits on top of the case end. Doors provided directly by Hillphoenix include one common end for a more attractive appearance

These doors are an easy way to save some money on energy consumption and give your old cases a face lift.

An example of Anthony sliding glass doors.


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