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Preparing for Winter

Posted By: Erin White

Winter is coming and that means cold temperatures.  There are a few steps you can take to prepare your HVAC and refrigeration equipment for the cold temps.  Having your service provider perform a winter PM (preventive maintenance) is a good idea.

Checking your insulation on your roof and on all of your lines is a good place to start.  When the temps drop below freezing, lines freeze up and pipes can burst.  Make sure all Armaflex (insulation) is in tact and all pipes that need it, have it.  This is an easy, inexpensive fix if you need to replace or add anything.

Cleaning your condensers will help with air flow.  Anytime the weather is extreme; extreme heat and extreme cold; your equipment works harder to maintain the proper temperature or perform the proper function.  By having unobstucted air flow, you are helping your equipment out and also prolonging its life.  Again, this too is an inexpensive fix that will save you money in the long run.

Checking all belts and fan motors and changing filters will ensure your equipment does not “lock up” when the temps change.  Once again, this small check can save you from product loss and cases being out of commission.

Almcoe Refrigeration can custom tailor a PM package that will meet all of your needs and fit your budget.  Whether you are a large super market or a c-store, we can help you prolong the life of your equipment and get you ready for the cold winter months.  A little bit can go a long way in the terms of preventative maintenance.

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