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Walk-in Coolers, Beer Caves and More


Walk-In Cooler Products

Whether you are looking for a pre fabricated walk-in cooler or you need a custom cooler built, Almcoe Refrigeration can help. We have many different types of walk in coolers and walk-in freezers to choose from (wood frame, cam lock, polystyrene, polyurethane, poly hard rail, all foam).

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Beer Caves

There is nothing worse than a hot beer. By installing a beer cave in your store, you can guarantee that your beer will be the coldest beer in town.  A beer cave holds temp at 28 degrees…the coldest temperature beer can be stored at before freezing.

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Commercial Ice Machines

Every convenience store needs ice machines. However, many convenience store owners do not know how much ice they will need to produce each day or what kind of ice they need.

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Gondola Shelving and Grocery Store Shelves

Display shelving, convenience store shelving, wire racks, grocery store shelving… these are just a few other names people use when referring to gondola shelving. There are many options when it comes to gondola shelving.

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Walk-In Door and Glass Cooler Doors

Merchandising is the key to sales and what you display your merchandise behind is one of the most important decisions you will make when designing your business. There are many options of glass walk-in doors to choose from to help you display your merchandise in the most attractive way. Almcoe Refrigeration can help you decide what glass cooler doors best fit your needs.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration equipment is the heart and soul of your store. Without it, your beer would not be cold and your ice would not stay frozen.

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