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Walk-in Coolers, Beer Caves and More

Walk-in Coolers & Freezers

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Walk-in coolers and freezers are a great way to increase sales and increase your store’s foot traffic. With large inviting entrances, display walk in coolers:

  • attract more customers
  • increase customer loyalty
  • and enhance the attractiveness of your store

Whether you are looking for custom or pre-fabricated, Almcoe Refrigeration can help with all your walk-in cooler and freezer needs. We have many different types for saleā€¦ Choose from options such as wood frame, cam lock, polystyrene, polyurethane, poly hard rail, or all foam.

We also offer other services:

With over 50 years of quality service and experience, our sales staff, along with our seasoned installation team, is your essential resource for your next walk-in freezer project. Let us help you do it RIGHT the first time.

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