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Is Your Refrigerator Leaking Freon?

Posted By: Erin White

If you’ve noticed that your refrigerator and freezer (or even your walk-in cooler, if you have one) don’t seem to be keeping things as cold as they normally should, that may be your first clue that Freon may be leaking from your appliance. Freon is a gas at room temperature, and a liquid when cooled or compressed. But how can you tell for sure if it’s leaking? Is it dangerous or harmful? What should you do if a Freon leak does turn out to be the issue?

Fortunately, a Freon leak itself from your refrigerator is not harmful, under normal circumstances. That being said, you need to know that if it leaks into an open flame, such as with a gas water heater, it creates a deadly chemical. Freon is very damaging to the environment, so leaks must be brought under control as soon as possible.

Looking for Refrigerator Leaks

If you suspect you may have a Freon leak, you have a few different options. In addition to your appliance not performing as well as it should be, a leak will cause the motor to continuously run, so pay attention to whether you hear that motor non-stop or not. If you hear that motor all the time, and your food isn’t being kept cold, you may want to start your sleuthing by purchasing a leak detection kit. These can be purchased online, or at many appliance repair, home maintenance, and auto parts stores.

If you don’t want to spring for a leak detector just yet, you can start with soap and a spray bottle instead. Mix some dish soap into a spray bottle with just a tiny bit of water, and spray all the piping. Freon leaks would create small bubbles, revealing tiny issues that might otherwise be too small to see conventionally.

Your final option would be to call an appliance repair specialist, who would be able to diagnose the issue. When all is said and done, if the problem with your walk-in cooler, beer cave, ice machine, refrigerator, or freezer is indeed found to be a Freon leak, your unit will need to be replaced, instead of being repaired. The only exception would normally be if your appliance is still fairly new.

Freon leaks, although relatively harmless, can cause a world of headaches for you and your business or family, so be sure to remedy any leaks right away with a replacement from Almcoe!

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