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Snack Time

Posted By: Erin White

Convenience stores are now offering more and more snack options for your family.  They have plenty of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for that matter.  Thursday’s are “Thirsty Thursday’s” in my house.  That means, that I take my kids to get a special drink after school.  Usually that special drink is bought at a well-known convenience store chain and has a dome shaped lid and a spoon straw.  Last week when we were inside the store getting their drinks, I took some time to look around at all of the different food offerings this store had available.  It seemed like they had added a few refrigeration and hot side cases overnight.

For the hot side, they had your typical hot dog roller, but now they were offering everything from hot wings (two different flavors) to hot potato cakes.  Also new was a sign promoting “Order your pizza while you fill up your car”.  The store was now serving hot, whole pizzas that they cook for you in a small convection oven.  Of course, these options are not really on the healthy side, so I took a gander at the TWO refrigerated cases they had.

In the cold section, they had your typical sandwiches.  However, I was surprised to find selections like hard boiled eggs, hummus and vegetables, yogurt with fruit, and fruit cups.  There really were options for the health conscious customer.

Now, they still had the conveniently placed donut display case, but even more conveniently placed was the basket of bananas placed by the cash register at check out.

Moral of my story…you really can find something for everyone if you are on-the-go and in need of a snack or a meal.


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