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T8 vs. LED lighting

Posted By: Erin White

An example of LED lightingDisplaying your merchandise is key to sales. Not only does the door you display your products behind matter, but the lighting you use plays a huge role in how your merchandise looks. Deciding between T8 and LED lighting can be a tough task.

In the past, T8 lighting was the norm. However, in recent years, LED lighting has been tweaked and improved for glass display doors giving you an option to choose what type of lighting you want in your store. To make a healthy decision on what is best for you, your store, and your budget, you first need to understand what the difference is between a T8 light and a LED light.

What is T8 lighting?

T8 Fluorescent lamps were introduced to the market in 1981 to replace the T12 lamps. Top-quality T8 lamps function with reduced mercury, a potentially harmful substance used in many lighting fixtures. Although recycling is still recommended after the lamps are spent, these lamps are generally more sustainable than T12s

With performance improvements over the years it is still a great choice and the standard light for walk-in coolers display doors.

What is LED lighting?

LEDs emit light in a specific direction, which makes them ideal for task lighting, refrigerated cases and retail displays. Not only do LED lights light up your walk-in cooler display doors better, but they also use less than half of the electricity than a standard T8 light. There is no ballast maintenance with an LED and there is no mercury content in LED lights. LED lights have made great advances in the walk-in cooler display door lighting options. With an average upgrade cost of $200.00 per door you will see a return on your investment in 18-24 months. Most manufacture of walk-in cooler display doors offer a 5 year warranty on their LED lights.

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