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Top Tips for Cleaning Commercial Refrigerators and Walk-In Coolers

Posted By: Erin White

How to Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Cleaner Than Most

Restaurant owners and others with commercial refrigeration equipment tend to overlook the importance of refrigeration maintenance. Neglecting such an important piece of equipment can lead to all sorts of problems including sanitary issues, higher cooling costs, and a great deal of wasted money. Walk-in coolers and refrigerators are a vital part of any business. Instead of spending a fortune on new refrigerator equipment or costly repairs, business owners should use these cleaning tips to keep things in tip-top shape.

Address Spills and Messes Immediately

Large quantities of food almost always lead to spills and messes. A tiny glob of crushed fruit here, a puddle of oil over there, all of these minor incidents will only get worse over time. Leaving spills and messes where they are cause certain items to freeze or cool over, creating a messy environment that could last for years. If someone lets a spill get out of hand, the only way to clean up the mess is to thaw out the walk-in cooler until the mess gets back to room temperature. Keeping a commercial freezer clean means addressing spills immediately before the material starts to harden.

Take Care of Your Cooled Air Condenser Cable

The most vital part of any commercial fridge is the cooled air condenser cable. If the cable collects dust and debris over time, it means that the fridge has to work that much harder to keep things cool. Replacing this cable can be expensive. Business owners can avoid having to replace the cable or their equipment all together by keeping an eye on the cable on a regular basis. A member of the staff should wipe down the cable at least once a week.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

All of those powerful chemicals aren’t doing the refrigerator any favors. In fact, some chemicals can actually make the walk-in fridge a toxic place to be. It’s best to just use soap and water when cleaning out the fridge. Walk-in coolers and freezers don’t usually have a lot of ventilation. All of those potent chemicals can linger in the same spot for days on end.

Check Door Seals and Gaskets

When cleaning commercial refrigeration equipment, business owners shouldn’t forget about their door seals and gaskets. These areas tend to get bogged down by dirt, sticky substances, and all sorts of debris. When the seal gets clogged, it hurts the equipment’s ability to insulate the space, leading to costly cooling bills. Remember to wipe down all of those tiny nooks and crannies along the entryway.

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